Considering a room's purpose is key for getting lighting right in the home, an expert says.

The Environment Agency is poised to name 2012 as Britain's wettest year 'since records began', according to and with more dark, rainy days ahead, lighting is never more important.

Whether it's a bright pendant light to wake people on a frosty morning, a quaint mosaic light to add style or track lights simply guide our path safely, ensuring that appropriate lighting is installed is essential.

While many people don't give too much thought to their lighting concepts, interior decorators have suggested that the right lighting can do much more than simply illuminate a space; it can affect mood and the environment.  Design director Sally Storey told says that the thought needs to be given to the use of a room, especially if it is multi-purpose; i.e. a dining room that doubles up as an office.

"Multi-functional rooms needs to offer ambient as well as task lighting," Storey says, "while open plan living areas may even use pools of light as 'zones' in the absence of walls."

"A flexible scheme where the focus and light levels can be adjusted throughout the day is key - dimmers are ideal as they create mood and allow the room to work from day to night."

She adds that task lighting should be positioned to the side of the task area, but feature lighting can be incorporated to "add atmosphere".