Christmas is nothing without the right lighting - that's according to several interior design experts, who have revealed their top festive finishing touches.

Whether it's sparkly LED lights in the windows, candles on the mantelpiece or unique handmade lamps throwing an atmospheric glow across the room, lighting is key for a successful Christmas decor. 

Writing for, Gabrielle Fagan says that decorating on a budget doesn't mean "you can't display some festive flair". Fagan extols the 'less is more' rule, where simple lights or strategically-placed wreaths are all it takes to "conjure up seasonal style" - plus there is far less to pack away afterwards.

Designer Lou Rota follows this sentiment by using plain strings of inexpensive fairy lights to "bring sparkle to room." She told the newspaper that hanging the lights over mirrors will double the glittery effect, or clustering them inside glass vases will create drama.

Another trend that has emerged this a year is for miniature illuminated wooden houses - think German-style with spires and gables. These are available in most department stores and offer that element of tradition.

When it comes to the tree, Pat Elliott of the Borders Design House says that choosing a main colour plus one or two accent shades gives a classy effect. However, she, like Fagan urges simplicity, telling "Decorations on brightly coloured trees are best kept simple, restrict these to clear LED lights or shiny baubles in a single colourway to avoid optical overload."