Householders should use the New Year as an excuse to redesign their bedrooms, according to the interior decorating press.

Most people are reticent to leave their bed on a cold, dark morning in the winter, yet with the right techniques and lighting, a bedroom can boost mood and energise inhabitants. While leaping out of bed might not quite be on the cards, using particular colours has been proved to enhance the spirit, according to

Decorating a bedroom with accents of orange, green and beige can provide warming touches that gently encourage a happier sentiment. Wooden accessories, knitted bed clothes and pretty handmade lamps can add to the overall effect, keeping householders cosy at night.

However, those thinking further ahead to the warmer months might prefer to adopt's idea of romanticising the bedroom. Once again, accessories play an important part, such as candles and bedding that is luxurious to the touch. In terms of colours, inspiration can be gleaned from the season: soft yellows for spring, vibrant green for summer.

One element that both websites are keen to emphasise is the importance of lighting. For a romantic bedroom in particular, a dimmer switch is a must, plus householders should opt for ambient bulbs rather than glaring, fluorescent alternatives. Bright bulbs do have their place, of course, being far more appropriate in the morning to help rouse sleepyheads.