Interior design has found itself a new shining light in the form of former rapper Vanilla Ice, according to

The 'Ice Ice Baby' star has developed his own lighting range in the US, which, according to the news website, is 'surprisingly classic'. The range - which is priced between $250 - $1,400 - includes chandeliers with crystal accents and wall lamps, available in vintage brass or polished nickel.

While the move might sound a bit bizarre, Vanilla Ice - or Rob Van Winkle to his friends - actually possesses a genuine interest in interior design. Since 2010, he has fronted a reality show called 'The Vanilla Ice Project' for the Do-It-Yourself Network.

The 'Changing Rooms'-style show sees 45-year old Van Winkle giving homes a complete revamp, pulling out bathrooms and installing kitchens. It might inspire audiences to make changes to their own homes; perhaps installing handmade lamps or converting the garage. 

In an interview with Time Magazine, cited by, Van Winkle said that his love for interior design started around 15 years ago when he took it upon himself to redecorate his Miami home.

"I started educating myself. I went online, looked at a bunch of pictures in design magazines. I learned about earth tones and throw pillows and fireplaces and how to make it warm and cosy," he said.

"It took a year and a half to do the whole house, but after it was done, I was amazed at how awesome it came out."