Having warm lighting in your home can help bring your house to life according to scotsman.com. Now that Christmas is over, all the fairy lights have been put away in storage until next year, leaving you with just the regular bog-standard house lighting. 

Using warmer colours for the theme of the room will help to heat up the room, as will having lampshades in matching colours. Mosaic lamps will give a variety of colours that could help to complement the theme running through the room.

Interior designer Juliet Love, writing for heraldsun.com.au says: "Artificial light from light fixtures such as downlights or lamps can be fantastic to enhance the ambience of your home if it is lacking in natural light.

"Lampshades on pendant lights, side lamps or standard lamps are a fun and affordable way to put a stamp on your interior decor as they are easy to update with modern patterns and fabrics."

Increasing the level of warm light helps to enliven the home, particularly in the darker winter months. The range of colours on mosaic lamps allows them to be used in rooms with different colour themes, making them an adaptable choice of lamp for the whole year.