An interior designer has defended her role in a market increasingly dominated by decorating TV shows, magazines and articles. 

Writing for, Jan Colvin noted that many householders do not feel that they need to enlist the services of an interior designer as they've undertaken sufficient research on their own. Furthermore, the sentiment that a person knows their own styles and preferences is abundant, leading to a feeling that a third party may only end up disrupting this.

The truth, however, was that interior designers could add a different spin to householders' ideas, whilst also commenting on what is feasible and what isn't, Colvin suggested. This was especially true where lighting was concerned, as interior designers could add a wealth of experience to the subject which may otherwise pass amateurs by.

Colvin claimed that interior designers possessed the relevant experience to know which lighting would ensure longevity for the homeowner, but also a quality product during that time. 

She also claimed that interior design concerned more than just cushions and colours. Professionals will look at both natural and artificial lighting - such as that cast by artificial lamps - in order to ensure the end product is illuminated in the best way.

"I certainly hope you consider an interior designer for a complex project," Colvin told

"A good one will be well worth the money you spend. They will catch potential mistakes and in the long run, assist you with making decisions that you will love for years and years."