The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) has set a 100W challenge, according to Five teams have been given the task of lighting an entire house with just 100W of energy.

The teams will have to light a three-floored space called the House Next Door, a former builder's merchants based in the Jewish Quarter of London. claimed each team will have a day to light the house and will need to create different solutions for each room. They will be provided with fixing methods, linear lenses, optics and other lighting accessories to try and achieve their goals.

They will literally be creating handmade lamps with the materials given to them, in order to generate the right lighting for the function of the room, as well as use the absolute minimum amount of energy necessary.

The teams will be provided with a length of LED tape as well as optical accessories and LED driver units to try and fashion a system that beats their opponents.

The IALD appears to claim that the old saying of being able to light a room with a single 100W light source is no longer applicable, due to advances in technology. The challenge will show just how far 100W will stretch with modern lighting systems.