Lanterns and perspex are two hot lighting trends that can be used to refresh a room, according to experts.

Many people are at a loss when it comes to redecorating their home, focusing predominantly on a fresh lick of paint or new wall paper. However, interior designer Celia Sawyer urges people not to forget about their lighting options.

Writing for, Sawyer says that a great way to brighten up a teenager's bedroom is to use lanterns, which can be bought relatively cheaply. She suggests that hanging lanterns of different colours, shapes and sizes will create a fun and trendy look. Adding beanbags will transform the room into a space where a teenager can 'chill out' with friends.

Such a concept would also work in a conservatory, no doubt, where perhaps some handmade mosaic lamps would add to the ambiance.

Sawyer also emphasises the stunning effect that a chandelier can have as "very unique, a star piece in any home". Hung in the lounge or dining room, a chandelier is sure to make a statement and elicit envy from friends.

Meanwhile, other trends point home-owners back to the Sixties. Featuring in the shops at the moment are lots of brightly-coloured perspex dome lampshades. According to Katie Law, writing for, interior designers have been 'latching on' to the versatility of perspex in the home, creating everything from furniture to cocktail shakers in the material.

Being transparent, perspex especially 'lends itself' to lighting and already, many of the big department stores have seen great demand for items constructed from of the aesthetically-pleasing plastic.