Innovative fabrics are increasingly being used for home interiors, according to New developments in fabric design are being placed into homes looking for a revamp.

Creative concepts are involving lots of patterns and unusual shapes on furniture to create a unique look for rooms all over the house. Tactile textiles are increasingly replacing the more traditional two-dimensional options frequently used in interior design.

Textures and even the application of fabrics in homes are changing with new processes constantly being created. reports that sustainable design is stretching into the high-end, luxurious side of the market as these new innovations are created.

Fabrics are being used to have different functions such as dimming the light of the room. One design used a fabric made entirely of a specific type of wool that gave a highly translucent effect to create a different light for the room. Mosaic lamps are another method that can be used to change the lighting techniques in a room.

A product called Tex Glass has been used to create an interesting feature piece for rooms. The process involves pressing a specific textile between two sheets of glass and is being found on tabletops and even used in partitions.

The new innovations appear to show a shift towards different sensations and touches for interior design, with emphasis on fabrics designed to be felt, rather than just looked at.