Homeowners should remember to keep things simple when decorating their house, it has been claimed.

Rachel Newcombe, a representative from the Fresh Design Blog, told femalefirst.co.uk that sometimes the simplest of changes can be the most effective - there is often no need to do anything elaborate or complicated to make a room look good.

In her opinion, people should be as creative as possible about their design decisions, aiming to incorporate touches of personalisation and craft into a room, which could involve handmade lamps or other unique decorations.

Ms Newcombe said: "The personalisation trend has become a major design statement. Surrounding yourself with things you've designed can be incredibly uplifting and empowering whether that's the clothes you're in, or the room you're sitting in. It gives you a strong sense of achievement as you can say 'Yes, I did that'."

On her freshdesignblog.com, a range of interior decorations are recommended, including a 'floating drawer', which is a slimline drawer that is attached to the wall. The blog suggested putting it by a bed and using it for decorative objects - perhaps even a lamp.

What makes the piece a little different is that there is no supporting bracket showing, so it looks as if the drawer is merely floating.