Lighting a new house effectively can have a positive effect, according to

In fact, the right lighting scheme can turn a house into a home and set the overall mood of a property. 

It's not just the strength of bulbs used or where the ceiling lights are positioned. In order to get the interior lighting just right, though; these need to be considerations, but not necessarily priorities. It's important to think about what mood each room is going to have, before purchasing any lights.

Accent lighting will set the scene of the room as it highlights specific objects such as a piece of art or some furniture. Handmade lamps, candles or narrow-beam ceiling lights all form different types of accent lighting and gives the option of being able to adjust the atmosphere of the room. The amount of lights that are actually switched on at one time makes a difference to the mood.

According to, using extra lights in the home can add warmth and beauty, particularly with the use of fairy lights. Having task lights dotted around the room can throw a spotlight onto a darker area, and bring an otherwise dingy room to life.

The angles of ambient lighting should be carefully considered, along with the intensity of the light. Having adjustable ceiling lights allows for different effects to be created for different situations.