A man's bedroom should have cool mood lighting in it, according to one expert.

Jon Wilde wrote on gq.com that men should care more about how their bedroom looks and offered a number of tips on how to bring it up to a better standard. One of these was to ditch the stuffy lamps with white shades and opt for something better - replacements could include handmade lamps or wall-mounted options.

He said: "No more sterile white paint. No more mile-high mattress on a creaky frame. Here's how to make the most important space in your home into the inviting refuge (you never knew) you've always wanted."

According to Mr Wilde, men should be aiming to create a sanctuary in their bedroom so that they have somewhere to go if they have a bad day or need to get away from the outside world. He did admit that part of the change could be about impressing female acquaintances, too.

Interior designer Steven Miller recently told sfgate.com that part of the problem with some interiors is that there is no "counterpoint" between the modern and the classic.

If this happens, then the layout of the room can end up falling "flat". Mr Miller explained this is why he is drawn to places that mix the new and old together.