Having the right type of lighting in your house can create different atmospheres according to yorkshirepost.co.uk. The use of lamps can set the tone of different rooms, giving a different feel to each.

Louise Hilton, a dress agency owner from Harrogate designed her whole house from scratch and credits the look to strategically placed lighting. She says: "Lighting is really important to me.

"I think mood lighting is crucial in creating atmosphere and it makes everything look better. most sensible women like good lighting."

Ms Hilton has a collection of table lamps to create a French-style boudoir in her home. Handmade lamps are a unique way to bring in some different light sources to the home and mosaic lamps will create unusual shadows.

Placing them in front of a plain-coloured wall may help to give the room some extra colour without clashing with the general theme of the room.

Forbes.com reported that lighting is crucial in a design scheme. Choosing the right type of light to work with can affect the overall ambience of the room. Architect Charlie Simmons says: "The best way to screw up good architecture is bad lighting.

"If you are not going to highlight with appropriate materials, you are not going to appreciate it."