Mosaics are set to be a trend for interior design in 2013, according to Decorating the home is set to take a new twist with the inclusion of handmade items and tiling.

Bathrooms in particular could be a popular room for the mosaic trend to take off. Changing the standard tiling around the bathtub or shower cubicle to something more brighter and detailed appears to be growing in popularity. The option of small-scale mosaics to replace the plain-coloured, traditional bathroom tiles could be found in more homes throughout 2013.

Adding the mosaic trend to other parts of the house is easier than it sounds with mosaic lamps giving a nod to the trend in living rooms or bedrooms. Any room that doesn't traditionally have any tiling can have a touch of mosaic through a piece of artwork or a a handmade vase.

Experimenting with different colours can change the whole look of a room quickly and easily. Adding a splash of colour to an otherwise plain room is an ideal option as the winter is left behind and spring approaches.

Coordinating the paint palette of the house allows a particular theme to carry throughout all of the rooms, rather than just having one colourful room out of several in the house.