A cocktail made up of openness, practical function, colours and a big splash of light is the best way to make a home happy.

That's according to Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau, interior design author and founder of homeware company Rice, who believes only a truly miserable soul would fail to pack their home with quirky accessories and bright colours.

Pictures of her own home supplied by liverpoolecho.co.uk show rooms flowing into one another, each featuring a different type of wallpaper and an array of colours to attract the eye.

She believes the home should be a place where people can not only relax, but also feel happy among their surroundings. Ms Gueniau claimed that using a range of neon shades was the easiest way of injecting life into a room, but this only forms part of the best recipe for interior design.

Ms Gueniau explained: "People often ask me, 'What makes a home happy? I believe it's achieved with a cocktail of different ingredients: light, openness, colours and practical function so a home suits your life."  

So while being experimental with colours is an absolute must, handmade lamps and other unique forms of lighting may also be needed to make a house a home.

Ms Gueniau claims to live by the philosophy of "live, love, laugh" and says more homeowners should try doing the same from time to time.

"My advice is to make bold colour choice and stay playful with what you do in your home," she stated, in comments cited by newsletter.co.uk. 

"Relax - paint a single wall in a crazy colour. It only takes a few hours to repaint it if you have regrets."