The children's playroom in the new Royal London hospital has been praised for its unique and whimsical design.

The seventh-floor room, which was opened earlier this week, has been widely acclaimed for its oversized furniture - which looks something from 'Alice In Wonderland.'

Children may feel as if they're about two inches tall when they spot the enormous chairs, television, toys and rug.

According to, the room is completed by a large huge bright orange handmade lampshade at the centre of it all. The design might encourage parents to decorate their own children's rooms with handmade lamps or other unique furniture which they have crafted themselves.

Richard Cottrell, who is one of the architects behind the project, has said he was aiming to create something that made children forget about their illness or injury.

Speaking to, he explained: "We wanted it to be a complete escape for the children. Something so unexpected and all-consuming that it might distract them from thinking about being in hospital. It's just scratching the surface of the possibilities of hospital design. It shows the potential for commissioning decent things, even on this vast scale."

The room leads to a rooftop terrace with a teepee and a treehouse.