A home interiors expert has claimed the 1970s are set to be a big influence on designers and decorators this season.

Dan Hopword from the British Institute of Interior Designers (BIID) claims that the trend is set to be fuelled by an exhibition on David Bowie, which is being held at London's Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum over the next six months.

He says art and exhibitions like the Bowie one have a big influence on interior trends as they give designers ideas and inspiration, telling metro.co.uk: "Seeing an exhibition like the Bowie reveals to the public that each decade has its own sense of style. For the true creative this might not mean directly copying a style but maybe just a colour or a deal from that era."

Mr Hopword added: "The 1970s has become sexy again."

On what sort of items he thinks will be popular, Hopword mentions suede walls, white leather and glossy red ceiling. Items such as shag pile carpets, mosaic lamps and quadraphonic hi-fis would also fit into the design trend. When talking about the palette, Mr Hopword says colours should be "vibrant" and "fruity".

The Bowie exhibition will run from March 23rd - August 11th and will feature hundreds of objects, including handwritten lyrics, photography, film, set designs and original costumes from Bowie's career so far, according to vam.ac.uk.