Having the right lighting could help you to sell your house quicker according to nytimes.com. The main entrance to your home is the most important area to get right when you're trying to impress potential buyers and it needs to look as appealing as possible. 

Interior designer Nina Freudenberger believes that lighting is a key element to making a home look welcoming and attractive. In particular she recommends using table lamps saying: "It's a little more formal, and really beautiful."

Having handmade lamps strategically placed in your hallway gives an inviting glow to visitors and can make them feel like they want to live in the house.

Interiordec.about.com also reiterates the importance of lighting. Darkness may hide a multitude of sins but it could also look like you're trying to hide something. Having softly-lit lamps around the house will give enough light without creating a stark, sterile effect.

Putting a lamp behind a plant can also throw up some interesting shadows, drawing attention to specific elements in the room.

It's key that you actually turn the lights on when you're expecting visitors to your home. It might be light outside but the correct interior lighting can give a warming effect, particularly in the winter months.