Large-scale patterns and heavy textures generally work best in bigger areas, it has been claimed.

Interior design expert Simone McKeon wrote on that it is very much a personal choice how people go about balancing pattern, colour and texture, but there are some rules of thumb that help plan a space.

She said: 'In general you would use big patterns on larger areas like a large-scale print fabric on floor length curtains at a big picture window or a large-scale print wallpaper on a feature wall, but having done that you then need to fill the rest of the room and that is where pattern and texture come in.'

In her opinion, it is important to think about textures will affect the light in a room, as shiny objects may reflect light while rough textures absorb it - this may also influence where people place mosaic lamps and other light sources.

This month, reported on emerging design trends for the year and picked out 'mosaic' patterns as being one of the themes to look out for.

Referencing advice from tilemaker Surface, the website noted that mosaic designs - with their variety of colours and reflective surfaces - have the capability to 'create interest' in a room. In terms of textures, they can be good for spreading light around a room.