The impact of light is the theme of a new film competition launched for architects and architecture students, according to The competition involves creating a film devoted to the theme of artificial light.

Titled 'Light Shots', the competition has strict guidelines centred around the lighting theme. The submissions must be a maximum length of 60 seconds and must explore the impact of artificial lights on the areas where people live. This could involve outdoor lighting but also, significant coverage of lighting within the home.

The film can be set either outside or indoors and can be in a village, town or city with no restriction on whether it takes place in the daytime or at night. With artificial light playing such a huge part in everyday life, the submissions could explore a number of interesting themes, particularly if focusing on lighting within the home. Handmade lamps, chandeliers and floor lights all give different lighting effects so may feature in the submissions.

Streetlights may also appear in the competition entries, drawing attention to the big switch-off scheme that appears to be rolling out across the country. reported that some communities are expected to have their streetlights turned off for part of the night.