A new gadget lets people 'paint' where they want their lighting to be, according to gizmodo.co.uk. The technology is controlled by a Wacom tablet device.

Japanese researchers have created the system whereby a camera is mounted to the ceiling of a room. It gives a live view of the room on a screen that users can then paint on using specially designed white and black brushes.

A selection of dimmable lights on the ceiling then reposition themselves to shine in the pattern that the user has drawn on the tablet in real time.

Engadget.com reports the device has been created by the Japan Science and Technology Agency and is titled the 'Lighty' project.

It's a futuristic approach for interior lighting that could work well with more traditional lighting fixtures. Handmade lamps, chandeliers and floor lights can set a mood for a room and can be complemented with the new system, giving a more comprehensive lighting solution.

Lighty is currently just a scale model but the developers have plans to work with full-sized rooms and even large hallways in the future.

The device may revolutionise the way people light their homes as it allows people to get their exact preference of lighting in certain areas of the room. The fact that the lighting scheme can also be changed with just the flick of a brush gives users the opportunity to create mood lighting depending on what the room is being used for.