Electronics manufacturer, Phillips, has released a software development kit for a series of its LED lights. 

The APIs will allow developers to write iOS programs, specifically for the lighting range. Programmers will be able to control not only the colour of the lighting but, schedule when they will switch on and off.

For example, the Hue lights could be fitted into handmade lamps, programmed to switch on in the morning with a soft white light and then warm throughout the day into an orange colour in the evening.

The Hue bulbs connect to a wireless gateway and can have up to 50 in one system. Martin LaMonica of technologyreview.com said that a programmer had already written an application that shifted the colours to match different songs.

Another example given by LaMonica is photographers or art galleries that need to tweak their lighting to suit the needs of the environment.

Phillips is not the only technology company making inroads in home automation, reports nytimes.com. Rumours surfaced last month that Google had inserted code into its new Android Operating System which indicated that it might also be about to move into the home automation arena.

The Phillips Hue lights are on sale for £179 ($199) in the Apple store.