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Oval Lamp Holders Size 5
Normal Style Large Desk Lamp
Spiral Hanging Lamps Set Size 3
Pasha Hanging Pendant Lights Lamp Set
Spiral Standing Lamps Set Size 3
Wall Lamp Sconces Size 3
Sultan Hanging Lamps Set
Swan Desk Lamp Size 5
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Turkish Mosaic Artistry

You want to have a vintage feel within your living room, with a traditional touch of eastern beauty, adding a sparkle of vivid colours and glittering beauty of Turkish mosaic art? Hand made mosaic lamps were around for centuries, originally made at the hands of talented Ottoman craftsmen, decorating from palaces of sultans to villas of high ranking officers. The patterns made by the coloured glass and beads, represents the shape of a nation's millenial existence, pride and power, with a touch of rustic feel blended with colourful nature of Mediterranean culture.

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